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Embracing Togetherness: A Relationship Growth and Enrichment Workshop

Workshop Available By Request for individual couples
Group workshop coming soon - stay tuned. 

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Sadly, over 50% of marriages end in divorce, with devastating impacts, especially on children. It takes 6 years for an average couple to seek help from a therapist. In this course, you will learn skills to help build lasting relationship success – skills you may not have learned growing up or been taught at school.


Here are the 5 reasons to take this workshop and step into building a thriving marriage from the start:

Reason 1: Your Relationship is an Investment

  • Importance of investing time in learning good relationship skills

  • The prime time to learn relationship skills is early in your commitment

  • Society focuses more on getting to commitment than keeping it alive

Reason 2: This Course is Personalized for YOU!

  • 6-hour personalized course providing relationship skills, tools, and insights

  • Customized to help your unique relationship

  • Discuss 13 key areas of your relationship

  • Learn important communication skills

  • Conflict resolution techniques

  • Celebrate and navigate unique differences


Reason 3: Your Childhood Experiences will Impact Your Relationships

  • Incorporate positive characteristics from your families of origin

  • Leave behind negative aspects

  • Discussing these topics can strengthen your relationship and improve long-term success


Reason 4: What Sets This Course Apart

  • Private and customized courses for unique relationships

  • Pre-assessment questionnaire for personalization

  • The instructor is an experienced couples therapist 

  • Ongoing support and resources after the course

  • Available to any couple regardless of religion, race, culture, or sexual orientation


Reason 5: Toolkit Provided: 4 Tips for Creating a Relationship That Is Built to Last

  1. Good relationships are a balance between intimacy as a couple and separateness as individuals.

  2. View yourselves as a team, with each partner contributing unique strengths and perspectives.

  3. Understand that love is not an absolute; it ebbs and flows depending on how you treat each other.

  4. Know your desires and speak up for them clearly, without expecting your partner to read your mind.


Taking time to discuss and learn relationship skills can significantly improve your chances of long-term success. Invest in your relationship now by enrolling in this personalized marriage preparation course, and build a solid foundation for your future together.

Investment $587

Email if you have any questions.

Kind Words from Workshop Participants:


"Zumrad surprised me with the course she created for couples where me and my partner participated and it was: emotional, educational, and inspirational. I love self-improvement courses because it shows blind spots in our: professional, family and social life. I'm not new to this kind of session and can already kind of judge if it's good or not. And yes, she is definitely doing some magic there. Shifting people and giving a picture which subconsciously we know, but consciously we cannot deal with and structure it as it can be effective for our life."

"I had the opportunity to attend Zumrad’s relationship workshop, and I am so glad I did.  Zumrad breaks down many common pitfalls people face in relationships and provided tools for working through them.  She also explained different stages of relationships and how to navigate those transitions effectively.  Overall there was so much valuable perspective that I never was aware of when it comes to creating a successful relationship together with my partner.  I definitely feel more confident now about tackling relationship challenges and communicating more effectively with my partner.  Would highly recommend any couple take this workshop."

About the trainers:


This full day  group workshop is presented by Beck Kasimov and Zumrad Ahmedjanova, husband and wife: A Dynamic Duo for Personal and Relationship Growth.


By combining Beck's intuitive and mindfulness-based approach with Zumrad's expertise in clinical social work and therapeutic techniques, the workshop offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to relationship building.


As a married couple with a loving family, they live by the principles and values they teach, making them the perfect facilitators for the workshop "A relationship Growth and Enrichment Workshop."

The course curriculum focuses on enhancing communication, building trust, fostering empathy, resolving conflicts, and understanding the role of love languages in maintaining a healthy and vibrant relationship. With a blend of experiential learning, interactive exercises, and self-reflection, couples will be guided through a journey of self-discovery, exploring their individual and shared values, beliefs, and expectations about marriage

By the end of the workshop, couples will have gained valuable insights, tools, and strategies to help them navigate the challenges and joys of married life with confidence and resilience.

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